I-S Magazine Tablet App now available on Android

The new I-S Magazine Tablet App that first launched in July on iTunes is now available for download on Google Play, so Android* users can finally enjoy a more complete, interactive version of Singapore’s most popular lifestyle publication.
The Android version of the App will feature:

  • Exciting rich media content, including embedded videos, slideshows and audio clips
  • Exclusive material, extended feature content and more interviews than ever before
  • Archival issues, with easy access to the best stories of recent months
  • Full-screen, stunning visuals and an intuitive, easy-to-navigate layout
  • Bookmarking and sharing functions to find and save relevant stories
  • Bonus issues, including tablet versions of I-S Magazine’s most popular city guides
  • High value giveaways only for App subscribers

*Works best on Android 3.0 and above

 Download now or read more reasons why you should!