The iPhone 7 might be called the 6SE instead

While a well-known leaker has floated a date of availability for the upcoming phone, another report has just turned up, suggesting that the next iPhone will be a 6SE and not the 7.

This comes from Apfelpage, a German Apple news blog, that states that packaging spotted by Chinese supply chain sources shows the phone being labelled 6SE instead of the expected 7. Considering the leaks so far, the next iPhone isn’t going to be the insanely great overhaul that consumers have been expecting with every number jump. Now, don’t look so shocked. Microsoft has done it with Windows 10 and Samsung’s going to do the same with the Galaxy Note 7.

In other words, it’s highly plausible that Apple is saving lucky number 7 for next year’s iPhone. There’s already no doubt that it’s going to be a bigger event as 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Rumours are already circulating that Apple will be making the switch to OLED displays next year.

If Apple doesn’t go with the 6SE moniker, Tim Cook and co will completely be missing out on the chance to call the iPhone a sexy phone – literally. 6SE…Six-SE…get it?

Oh, never mind.


, The iPhone 7 might be called the 6SE instead

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