Local rapper Yung Raja has debuted his latest single at the impressive events space

It’s a new normal, and the iconic Marina Bay Sands is (literally) equipped for the long road ahead. Having recently unveiled its new state-of-the-art Hybrid Broadcast Studio at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, the high-tech events space is a first for the industry, redefining the future of the meetings industry.

Designed to accommodate a live studio audience with a maximum capacity of 50 persons, the Hybrid Broadcast Studio gets its name by being a hub that can offer broadcast-quality live-streaming capabilities and even hologram functionalities.

Decked out in industry-grade broadcasting equipment, the studio will be best suited for hybrid meetings in the new age, in addition to being a spot that can safely enable the return of large-scale events moving forward.

The studio’s centrepiece is a cutting-edge three-dimensional stage fitted with an immersive backdrop and floor that can easily be reconfigured. Meanwhile, conventional green screen backdrops are replaced by two massive LED walls that can offer high resolution 360-degree visuals, together with a plexiglass LED floor can display stunning floor projections.

Stage lighting systems can be customised, designed and operated to fit an event’s specific requirements too; the studio is also able to “beam” someone from a different location onto the MBS stage via a holographic telepresence.

The Marina Bay Sands is currently offering three virtual conferencing options, including full virtual webcasting and live streaming events, hybrid events with in-person and online audiences as well as hybrid events with holographic telepresence. And feel free to take full advantage of the enhanced suite of event tech capabilities incorporating Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR) solutions as these are also distinguishing features of the venue.

Most recently last Thursday (Oct 8), local hip-hop artist Yung Raja took to the space to unveil his new single "The Dance Song" in the impressive locale during a press conference which was live-streamed across the globe. Giving both the media and public an overview of the possibilities, the presentation opened with a crisp holographic projection of Yung Raja who welcomed the audience, before the rapper appeared in the flesh on stage.

As Singapore moves further along in its Covid-19 phases (fingers crossed), more hybrid events promising virtual and physical experiences may arrive too. Seems like immersive visual experiences you’ve only seen in movies are fast becoming a reality.

More information about the Hybrid Broadcast Studio available here