Singapore’s newest fitness pass does healthy meals along with classes

Joining fitness passes KFit, GuavaPass and Passport Asia, Yo! Fit Pass is offering healthy meals from various cafes and restaurants in Singapore on top of fitness classes that range from yoga, dance and Akido to kayaking, fencing and rock-climbing. 

For $180 a month, you get 10 classes from partners such as Akido Shinju-Kai, Kinetics Climbing, Shiva Yoga and fencing studio SportivA, and 10 meals from the likes of Korean eatery DoSiRak, Mediterrean pita bar Pita Pit, vegetarian bistro Cafe Salivation and cold-pressed juice bar HIC Juice. You can also order a meal delivery from Fitness Ration, but it’ll cost you a grand total of five meals. 
There are over 300 classes and 100 meals to choose from per week, and newbies now get $60 off their first month. For updates, visit their Facebook.