Buying and selling online can be fuss-free

“Do I first manage the operation, or do I first manage the product?”

If you’re a home-based business owner—more often than not—you face such a dilemma.

But there is now an easy solution to problems like these, and it lies in The Collective, a brand new platform for home-based businesses.


For the uninitiated, The Collective is a newly launched app designed by a group of young locals including its founder, Vernetta Fong. The app aims to help “home-grown businesses thrive and make them mainstream”. In other words, it makes running a business online fuss-free.

Through The Collective, owners will be able to leave every inch of business management to the enterprise, focusing their efforts on creating and refining their goods instead.


This is possible because the app packs a slew of integrated features to run operations, such as order management, in-app messaging, payment and delivery coordination. All business owners have to do is ready their inventory.

And these features are all accessible from the app without incurring any listing, or sign-up fees. Although The Collective does charge a 15 percent commission fee.

Did we mention that consumers, too, can benefit from this app?

With The Collective app, customers can browse a collection of home-based businesses and order what they love—from a catalogue of food to wares, all in one place. Gone are the days of scrolling through Instagram to find delicious cold brews.

The Collective is clearly all about convenience. It is, and will be the perfect platform for businesses to thrive and customers to enjoy.

Download The Collective app on the App Store or Google Play. More information available here