Taking laziness to a whole new level.

Food delivery apps are a godsent, especially after a tiresome work week, when all you want to do is over the weekends is to catch up and binge watch your favorite Netflix show. As much as we love our comforting cafe nosh and fast food, it's always nice to have something fancy to munch on without having to actually change out of your PJs and leave the house. Well, FoodPanda is making that a reality.


They're just one of the many food delivery apps that have graced our shores in recent times. But now, they're extending their food options to swanky restaurants come Dec 1. Aptly named FoodPanda Finest, you'll be able to order elevated Thai food from Long Chim at MBS exquisitve dim sum from Peony Jade and even delicious Indian fare from Michelin-starred restaurant, The Song of India. They'll also be providing custom packages such as the "dinner dates" and "breakfast in bed", which include a wide range of spirits and wines from their restaurant partners for you to choose from. More packages will be introduced in 2017, including this one which we find highly attractive: movie packages will come with a selection of films to go with your meals. Exciting times ahead.

And speaking of exciting, if you're the first 200 people to place your order with FoodPanda Finest (it's not another app, just so you know), you'll receive some free almond gold chocolate bars from premium New Zealand chocolatiers, Whittakers.