Razer phone to come to Singapore soon

<p>Razer upset local fans when the Singapore-founded (but San Francisco-headquartered) company chose to launch its first phone in the US. But they may just make that up to them this week.</p>
<p>Singtel has announced that it will take preorders for the phone at its SITEX 2017 booth from <strong>Nov 23</strong>. Those who order the phone at the four-day event will get goodies like&nbsp;a Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth Headset worth $169&nbsp;(for the first 200 customers). Following SITEX, the Razer phone will be available for previews and preorders&nbsp;at&nbsp;Singtel stores and Singtel Exclusive Retailers until its drop date, which is slated to be sometime in early Dec, according to a Razer spokesperson. The Razer online store will stock it from <strong>Dec 1</strong>&nbsp;at $1,068 without contract.</p>
<p>In a press release, Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang said: &quot;While we founded Razer in California, US, I&#39;m a Singaporean still and I&#39;m very excited to make Singapore the first country in Asia to release the Razer Phone.&quot;</p>
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