So your monthly bill will always be in the green

StarHub customers, you now have an added level of flexibility when it comes to customizing mobile data for your monthly contract. Launched over the weekend, DataJump lets you add-on up to 20GB of data on selected 4G plans for a fee of just S$10. So how much data exactly do you get for an extra 10 bucks a month? Well, the bigger your current plan, the bigger the upsize.

If you are on a 4G 4 plan which currently gives you 4GB of data, adding on DataJump will give you an extra 5GB, bringing your total data bundle to 9GB—at S$72.90/mth. 4G 5, 4G 6 and 4G 12 customers can upsize their data bundles by 10GB, 15GB and 20 GB respectively. So basically if you’re a roaring data monster, you could potentially get an insane 32GB of data per month at S$230 after the DataJump add-on. If mobile contracts aren’t your thing and you prefer to use a SIM-only plan, those are also eligible for DataJump at the same price of an extra S$10 per month.

The add-on is available to new, re-contracting or existing StarHub Mobile postpaid customers on 4G 4 plans and up. If you’re on a cheaper plan however and need more data, you can always add-on the Plus 3 upsize which gives you 3GB of data at S$6/mth. There is a one time charge of S$10.70 to activate the DataJump, but there is currently no contract commitment for the service, so you can add or remove it anytime.

This story originally appeared on Stuff Singapore, bringing you what's next in the world of tech and gadgets, with a twist.