The Tesla Model 3 could hit Singapore streets in 2018

After all the ruckus created by Stuff TV’s coverage of the only Tesla owner here and his ordeal (including the S$15,000 tax) in importing a Tesla Model S, Singapore is on the list of countries accepting pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3. We hate to burst your bubble a little early but it has to be done. While Singapore is on the list, the Model 3 won’t hit roads anytime soon. In fact, production will only commence in late 2017. That means the first Model 3 won’t hit the road until at least 2018.

You’ll need to fork out a US$1,000 deposit to pre-order this sweet electric car. It’s not a small sum but it assures you of a Model 3 when it’s available. That is, if you can cross the last hurdle. Though the Model 3 starts at US$35,000, we still have no idea how much it’ll cost here. Don’t forget, there’s the COE and it’s still unknown how LTA will categorise this car.
But if it does succeed in jumping through all the hoops here, you’re looking at a vehicle that can do 0-60mph (0-96km/h) in six seconds with a range of 215 miles (346km) on one charge. That covers at least five days of driving in Singapore even if you were to travel from one end of the island to another.
So cross your fingers, and hope that you’ll get a rebate rather than getting slapped with additional charges to drive an eco-friendly car in Singapore.

, The Tesla Model 3 could hit Singapore streets in 2018

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