These oh-so-Singaporean apps make Singlish fun

We have always felt that there are some things are better expressed in Singlish, and it’s pretty evident since the Oxford English Dictionary is no stranger to a slew of Singlish words and phrases (more were added to its hallowed pages last September). Now, technology has helped to perpetuate our lingo further, with two apps that are both (sort of) useful and fun at the same time.

Bus Uncle

Bus Uncle is definitely one of the most Singaporean apps you will come across, which makes finding out bus timings a little more fun. You don’t have to install a specific app in order to access Bus Uncle, just visit the Facebook page, and start messaging the chatbot. All you need to do is key in your bus stop number (you can also choose to send in your location to make things easier), and the bus number, and the app will tell you how long before the bus arrives, in Singlish. It will also suggest you do something while you wait for the bus, like if a bus is due in eight minutes, it will say “8 mins, go make soft boiled egg”. It’s as if you’re speaking to an actual bus uncle. Pretty neat.


SINmoji is an emoji keypad which can be used across various messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Line and even iMessage (yes, they have their own iMessage sticker app). So now you can use Singaporean phrases like shiok, and solid siah to express yourself better in your messages. Give your messages the Singaporean touch. This app comes at a cost of $1.48.