3 cool smartwatches that are not the Apple Watch—and are cheaper too

Wearable technology has been buzzing for a while now and with the Apple Watch launch late last month, smart watches are possibly one of the year’s hottest new toys. Here are three stylish and practical alternatives if you don’t want to fork up the cash for Apple.


, 3 cool smartwatches that are not the Apple Watch—and are cheaper too

Left: Alcatel OneTouch, Right: Sony SmartWatch3


Alcatel OneTouch 

Why we like it: Winner of the iF Design Award 2015, this watch has features like a heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter and e-compass, all of which lets you track your sleep cycle, workout progress and calories. Connect it to a smartphone, and it sends you call and social media notifications. Even better, you can control phone functions via a multimedia remote control, such as making your phone ring so you can locate your missing gadget. Fancy tools aside, the Alcatel OneTouch also resembles a Daniel Wellington design (the it watch of millenials).

Price: $248
Available at: www.qoo10.sg/shop/MSTATION

Sony SmartWatch3

Why we like it: It’s the first Sony wearable that’s compatible with the newest Android Wear technology—a collaboration with Google. While this smart platform features usual functions like message and appointment notifications, it also personalizes information updates (like flight information and tips) according to your lifestyle and preference. Plus, quite like a James Bond gadget, it has a built-in microphone making it hands-free and super user-friendly. The watch is currently available in Classic (black), Sport (lime), pink and white.

Price: $298
Available at: Sony Store, #02-28 to 37, 313@somerset, 6634-9497

, 3 cool smartwatches that are not the Apple Watch—and are cheaper too

Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S

Why we like it: It’s the pricest of the lot here, but with good reason. The watch boasts a two-inch curved SUPER AMOLED display, which is supposed to provide you with a rich interface. Besides its physical merits, the Samsung Gear S lets you access over 1,000 apps, make and receive calls from the gadget, track workout goals with a smart coaching feature and a voice-recognition S Voice function so you can get stuff done on the go.

Price: $498
Available at: Samsung Experience Store, #B1-27/27A, Paragon, 6735-5926