A high-quality music streaming service comes to Singapore

As the return of vinyl and its superior sound become more than just a passing trend, we’re seeing more promises of higher-quality music in the digital music arena as welllike Spotify’s Premium service and Sony’s recent (and very expensive) Walkman (designed to store and playback high-quality lossless files).

But now, global music streaming service Deezer is offering something that blows the rest out of the water … provided you have the right hardware and enough Internet bandwidth.

Their Elite service just debuted in Singapore and promises lossless music streaming to Sonos music players (for now). The FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files are 1,411 kbps bitrate, about four to five times that of some other services. (To give you some context, Spotify Premium’s files are just 320 kbps bitrate.) It’s basically CD-quality.

While it’s not an option for your 4G-enabled commute (they’ve not made it available for use on mobile data, and the data charges would be astronomical anyway), it’s definitely a great new option for serious home listeners who chucked their CD collection at a garage sale years ago. Subscribe from $19.99 per month, with discounts available until Feb 2016. www.deezer.com/offers/elite.