Time to channel your inner Owen Grady

If you enjoyed going up against the dark side in the Star Wars virtual run last year, then get excited for another adventure of a lifetime this July.

Now open for registration, the first-ever Jurassic World virtual run experience will officially commence in Asia from Jul 26-Sep 30. Not only will it allow Singaporeans to participate in a cool, immersive run, it will feature dinosaurs from the renowned film franchise too.

Available via the Move by LIV3LY app, Jurassic World Run! Asia Pacific 2021 is enhanced by augmented reality images. The aim of the marathon is to outrun the Jurassic World dinosaurs, unlock milestones and escape Isla Nubar.

Simply pick your distance of choice—individual runners can join the 5km ($35), 10km ($49) or 21km ($56) while teams of two can complete the 21km and meet the larger-than-life dinosaurs together for $84. Just FYI, the longer the distance, the more adventures one will have while in Isla Nubar.

Finishers of all categories are entitled to an exclusive finisher T-shirt to celebrate their accomplishment. All finishers of the 10km and 21km race will also receive their very own medal to commemorate their victory in the challenging Jurassic World Run! Asia Pacific 2021.

So gear up and run for your life as you channel your inner Owen Grady at this Jurassic World-themed run. Just don’t be a saur loser if you can’t complete it.

More information available here.