22 classic stories to fit yourself into for your Instagram

In need of some new fodder for your Instagram feed? Find it at 22 Stories, a new pop-up experience styled after the hype of Instagram museums from the US, happening May 1-Jun 30. Presented by immersive theatre company Andsoforth Junior, behind the one-night event of the same concept, the two-month long affair will see 22 characters from the storybook realm come to life, with fairytale magic and a little pixie dust bringing guests through immersive journeys to re-live the stories from their childhood. Building off the concept (and space) of its parent company Andsoforth's last show, 22 themed rooms will span four lands of interactive storylines—very Disneyland-esque, but tenfold the theatricality.

The four lands represent the classic stories they showcase: Grimmsneyland, Land of Nights, Storyland and Wonderland. In Grimmsneyland (a callback to a previous Andsforth dining show), princesses and their royal woes await the assistance of their Fairy Godmother and the guests. There you will be able to interact with the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella in their respective rooms, and guide them to their happy endings. Over in Land of Nights, fall into the pages of the Arabic folk tale One Thousand and One Nights, but beware the 40 thieves that lurk in the shadows. If you’re lucky, you might just bump into charming Aladdin.

Venture deep into Storyland and follow the scent trail of the candy house, where you will find hungry Hansel and Gretel nibbling away; or slide down Jack’s magic beanstalk. The familiar land of nursery rhymes and storybook tales will lead you to a room full of mirrors and its owner—the narcissistic emperor with an insatiable palate for the finest garment.

Finally, Wonderland speaks for itself; encounter peculiar beings and rooms that get curiouser and curiouser from the moment you squeeze down the rabbit hole. Attend the iconic Mad Tea Party with the Mad Hatter, then confront the hysterical Queen of Hearts; hopefully you'll leave the room with your head still on your shoulders.

You won't find curated dining here as per Andsoforth's usual experiences. Instead, 22 Stories pumps life into imaginative tales from your childhood, pairing vibrant and ‘gram-worthy themed rooms with theatre elements performed by talented live actors. The end result is an adventure jam-packed with whimsy and a brand new take on your favourite fairytale; don't forget to charge your phone.

22 Stories runs from May 1-Jun 30 on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays only at 200 Pandan Gardens. Tickets are $38 here and more information here.