Amazing Race Asia’s Melody Chen and Sharon Wong

How do you think you girls will complement each other in the competition?
MC: We thrive on a good balance. Sharon’s the strategist and I am the taskmaster.
SW: Mel is adventurous and intuitive. I am structured and focused on facts and figures.
You may have to eat yucky stuff, or get all dirty. Do you have any training regime for that?
MC: When something needs to be done, it shall be done. No training needed. Just sheer gut strength!
SW: My training regime is called “mind over matter.” Everything is a matter of perception.
Will you cry if you get eliminated?
MC: If there are any tears to be shed, they will probably be due to exhaustion more than anything.
SW: I’ve not thought about elimination at all. The focus is to stay in the race!
A cameraman and a soundman will follow you throughout the race. What are some things you will do to stay pretty for TV?
MC: I’ll rest whenever possible and keep my skin hydrated. Even if there’s no time to add light make-up, sun block is a must.
SW: I’ll sleep and eat well whenever possible to look bright and fresh. Light make-up and face or eye masks help too.
How will you spend the money if you win?
MC: Save and invest! And of course, I will also treat my loved ones to a fabulous holiday.
SW: If I win, I will give my loved ones a big treat and put some of it away to finance my MBA studies.