Magician Jeremy Pei

Jeremy Pei started young. At two, he was already toying with simple magic props and today performs in various countries and leaves many baffled with his shows. Crossing our fingers and hoping he won’t turn us into rabbits, frogs or anything like that, we grabbed him for a quick chat.

Bice Bistro

We marched off to one-month-old Bice (pronounce with an Italian Bee-Chey) and found that this bistro looks too posh to be categorized as a bistro. Bice Bistro impresses with its high ceilings, full length glass doors, huge framed mirrors and heavy wood finishings. Colored in grey and white, the restaurant resembles a luxe hotel lobby […]


Vansh, part of the Rang Mahal group, has made a name for itself as one of Singapore’s trendiest Indian restaurants. Forget garish pictures of women in saris; here you find comfy armchairs, soft lighting and a steel-and-glass island kitchen. The food is predominantly North Indian, with signature kebabs and breads. Along with a staple of […]

The Long and Short of It

After seeing posters all over the place promoting the G.E.M.S. (Go the Extra Mile for Service) campaign, it occurred to us that Singaporeans seem to have perfected the art of using acronyms to make generally mundane campaigns much more attractive than they have any right to be. G.E.M.S.! Doesn’t that just scream out at you; […]