You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

After sitting through the Golden Globe and Academy Awards, we’re awfully tired of all these award acceptance speeches. They weren’t exactly what one would call inspiring to begin with, but they’ve become so cliché. And, with the Life! Theater Awards around the corner, we thought we’d come up with a thank-you speech template to spice […]

Week of March 9, 2007

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): Molecular scientist Robert Bohannon knows a way to cram even more obscene gratification into a doughnut. He has discovered the secret to infusing pastries with a non-bitter version of caffeine. If his innovation is adopted by bakers, a doughnut would not only be able to have its usual sugary kick, but […]

Whitebait & Kale

What used to be one of the trendier restaurants in town, Whitebait & Kale has since slipped off the cool radar just a little bit, overtaken by the likes of P.S. Café and Graze. But this cozy restaurant is still commendable for its fresh seafood and healthy choice of mains and pastas. Our appetizer of […]