Rocky Horror Show: Funny, Sexy & Loud

It’s obvious why this British horror comedy musical was banned for nearly 30 years in Singapore—at first glance, the entire plot reeks of sheer, carnal pleasure and voyeurism.

2010: Year in Review

It’s been a crazy 2010, with unprecedented club and restaurant openings, unforgettable concerts and gigs (plus some no-shows), unpredictable trends and jaw-dropping headlines. Here are the highlights.

Travel Light

Avoid excess baggage with some featherweight luggage

Brunch Bunch

We recommend choice spots for fueling up when you wake at noon.

How to Ring in the New Year with a Kiss

New Year’s Eve is the BEST night of the year to meet a new romantic partner. Almost everybody goes out on New Year’s Eve, even women who don’t normally go partying. And this is your chance to meet them.