Platypus Test Kitchen

While the rest of Singapore goes gaga over folk such as Batali, Boulud and Santamaria setting up shop here, a quiet culinary revolution of the local kind is going on in a corner of Clifford Centre. Young kitchen upstart Nicholas Lin and his intrepid partner Lee Yuan Zheng are serving up platefuls of delightful handmade […]

Holy F***’s Sound Alchemy

Hailing from Canada, the experimental indie band Holy F*** have gone from strength to strength with innovative compositions and cutting edge sounds. Their latest album Latin peaked at number 14 on the US Billboard charts and gained a reputation for making quirky noise cool. I-S speaks to keyboardist Graham Walsh in the lead up to their much anticipated debut at Laneway Festival Singapore.

Dr Strangeloop’s Moving Visuals

Going far beyond lame lasers and regurgitated screensavers, David Wexler does club visuals that blow minds. The LA-based live cinema artist and musician will be in Singapore to commemorate local collective Syndicate’s 1st Anniversary. I-S speaks to him about the creative process, his nightmares about zombies and the loop of life.