Sexy Dance Classes

You’ll need high heels, hot pants, and not be afraid of embarassing yourself. No, we’re not talking about a job interview at Hooter’s. We’re talking about sexy dance classes. Yet with so many new options now available, it can be hard to tell which ones make your ass look good and which ones make you look like an ass. If you’re inspired by the recent dance flick Burlesque and want to try a class now, here are a few great options.
Acro Polates
Using silk, Lycra, trails of tissue and even hoops to maintain creative aerial balance, Acro Polates dancers swing around and slide up and down a pole to produce awe-inspiring, sometimes jaw-dropping poses. Studio owner Ming Leong claims Acro Polates is a fabulous way to tone up muscles and increase your fitness level. “There is a lot of isolated usage of the arms, hips, thighs and ankles—parts of a woman’s body that are commonly considered sensual,” says Ming.
Behind closed doors: The studio offers various levels of static and spinning pole classes. In the spinning courses, you’ll learn how to incorporate pole tricks into a routine. Participants commonly wear hot pants, a sports bra or a tank top, and a pair of chunky high heels, but you’re encouraged to wear what’s most comfortable for you.
How much: $23 for a single aerial introductory workshop.
Where: Polefessional Polates, #02-29 Waterloo Centre, Blk 261 Waterloo St., 6334-2382.
Fit factor: 4/5
Sex factor: 2/5 It kind of makes you look like a performing monkey in heels—not sexy.
This famous blend of dance, striptease and dark humor was one of the most sought after forms of entertainment from the 1930s to the 1950s, and made a comeback in recent years through, among others, performer Dita Von Teese. It’s aboout far more than just fishnet stockings, high-cut bottoms, red lipstick and suggestive props.
Behind closed doors: If you want to unleash the vintage tease in you, this is the class to take. It’s a liberating experience, being able to sashay about a room waving feathers. You will learn how to handle a boa (not the snake, the accessory), take off a glove (it really is an art, this one) and connect with the music. Naturally, you’ll feel like a dumbass for the first 15 minutes of the class. This is perfectly normal.
How much: $15-20 per class.
Where: Jitterbugs Swingapore, #B1-08 The Cathay, 2 Handy Rd.,
Fit factor: 2/5 But you could pump up your workout by including a chair in your routine.
Sex factor: 5/5 Keeping things under wraps only amps up the allure.
This dance form has drawn millions of fans from across the world with its saucy Cuban, European and American dance elements. Today, many see the dance as very “ghetto,” having been performed on the streets and in underground night clubs. The flow of the dance accentuates all the right curves in women and provides cues for appropriately sultry stares.
Behind closed doors: The beginners’ module doesn’t require a dance background or a partner (which makes it awesome for singles). You will be introduced to the origins of Salsa as well as core dance moves like the cross body lead, cross body lead left turn and other simple turns.
How much: Beginner’s class costs $70 for five sessions.
Where: Attitude Dance Studio, #02-01, 70 Palmer Rd., 6226-2381.
Fit factor: 3/5
Sex factor: 4/5 Have you seen Dirty Dancing?
S.L.A.P (Strip/Lap dance)
We don’t need to tell you what a striptease or a lap dance is, do we? Well now they’re moving from the seedy bars of New York to a dance studio in Singapore.
Behind closed doors: Shaking your butt in someone’s face while taking off your top (all while maintaining a come-hither look on your face) is as difficult as it sounds. If you can master that, honey, you can master anything (or anyone). Learn how to maximize the floor space as well as roll and twist your body seductively in the “Striptease and Chairwork” bit of the course before taking on a more complex routine.
How much: $220 for eight weeks.
Where: Bobbi’s Pole Studio, #02-01, 222 Queen St., 6333-4308.
Fit factor: 1/5 It’s mainly done for fun.
Sex factor: 3.5 It’s a little too in-your-face, so to speak.
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