Get a sophisticated adult drinking experience with Free Spirit’s alcohol-free options

“Isn’t it just soda?” “I wonder what the spirits taste like.” “Are the drinks even close to the real thing?"

If nothing else, this bottle shop piqued a lot of curiosity when I mentioned to friends and colleagues about it, because Free Spirit is the first and only online shop in Singapore that sells solely alcohol-free beverages. It offers a carefully selected range of non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits that “taste as good as the real thing”.


Why go alcohol-free
There has been an increasing number of non-alcoholic drinks in the market, from established brands like Carlsberg and Heineken to boutique ones like Melati and Non.

It’s a definite trend, which was partly the reason why its two founders Emma Pike, owner of Farmer’s Market, and Rebecca Forwood, owner of The Fishwives, decided to set up Free Spirit.

Pike explains that people these days are trying to reduce their intake of alcohol. Besides doing it for health and religious reasons, they are becoming more mindful in the way they live.

However they don't want to feel like an outcast, especially when entertaining. “There's nothing worse than being a non-drinker going to a social event and having to drink sugary soft drinks or water all night!” says Pike. Coupled with the lack of alcohol-free drink options here, Pike and Forwood decided to join forces to deliver consumers this option.

No hangovers, guaranteed
Free Spirit offers a range of beverages that are not your usual soft drinks; instead, there are sophisticated flavours that offer a similar taste and feel to alcoholic ones.


Beer drinkers can check out the eight alcohol-free beers, including subtly flavoured ones to straight-up classic lagers.

If you look forward to your “wine o’clock”, there are red, white and sparkling wines to choose from.


And when cocktail hour comes around, there are three non-alcoholic spirits to pair with your favourite mixer. Another plus? Alcohol-free drinks are usually lower in sugar and additives so there’s less guilt.

The taste test
We at SG Magazine tried the recommended ALTD Spirits Silver Princess, a fruit-driven, alcohol-free spirit with berry, spice and lime characteristics. You can serve it simply over ice and tonic, or mix it with ginger beer, which was what we did. It delivered a spicy, tangy kick that was surprisingly enjoyable.


We also tried the Alpirsbacher Lager, a light beer with spicy hop notes (alcohol is withdrawn only after complete fermentation and storage) and ETCH Sparkling Water ZST (Finger Lime, Lemon Myrtle, Rosemary). The latter was a favourite, delivering a zesty and refreshing flavour that ticked all the health boxes—there’s no sugar, additives or preservatives.

However, we must admit there were some of us seasoned drinkers who weren’t convinced. They still prefer the taste of alcoholic drinks and like the buzz they give. Perhaps a little more time is needed for them to get used to the concept and taste.

Alcoholic-free beverages from Free Spirit offer “grown-up” options to those who want an alternative to the adult drinking experience.

And with the festive season in full swing, it means you can still party, enjoy your drink and remain sober.

Free Spirit delivers islandwide six days a week. More information available here.