Be My Valentine: Local Personalities Tell All

Adrian Pang, Actor
The worst pick up line I ever heard was…”Are you Jamaican? Cos Jamaican me crazy!”
My worst date ever was…when I was 18, I chatted up this really cute sales assistant at a shop in Parkway Parade; asked her out for a drink when she knocked off work; and in the middle of our date, her boyfriend and his five buddies interrupted us, beat me up and rob me. Till now, she’s “the one that got away”.
Valentine to me is…over-priced jewellery.
Ginette Chittick, DJ and label founder & owner, FrüFrü & Tigerlily
The worst pick up line I ever heard was… “Hey sexy” whispered to me by an old man taking a rest on a stone chair. Don’t know which was worse, the fact that he whispered to me or that pick up line.
My worse date ever was… ages ago when I went to watch Blair Witch Project. I walked out half way with a bout of motion sickness as I was seated quite close to the screen!
Valentine to me is… a day to spend with a loved one, it could be cooking a meal together! I am not one of the jaded ones who’ll put it down as an opportunity for restaurants and florists to make money. I’m a hopeless romantic and I think it’s nice to have another excuse to celebrate one’s love for the other, even though I buy gifts for my boyfriend every now and then.
Lauretta Alabons, Founder/Owner, LAMC
The worst pick up line I ever heard was…”Weren’t you in that photo with my friend?” It’s bad because it makes you reply to it even if it wasn’t true.
My worst date ever was…I’ve been married for so long; I can’t remember!
Valentine to me is…another day. My husband and I work together and we constantly see each other everyday; not many people have that. I don’t need my husband to waste his money on gifts or dining in an expensive restaurant because to me Valentine is everyday.
Holly Grabarek, VJ, MTV
The worst pick up line I ever heard was…”What are you?” Uh, not yet 21.
My worst date ever was…at the beach! Sand in my pants makes it for me to think of anything else.
Valentine to me is… a chocolate fountain with marshmallows. That would me make me very happy!
Pat Law, Social Media Specialist, Goodstuph
The worst pick up line I ever heard was…None. I don’t get picked up, sadly enough.
My worst date ever was…for some reason, I agreed to go on a blind date with this person. The person was late for over an hour, and looked so hungover, I thought of calling the ambulance. Naturally, the conversation was limited and as soon as I found out the person worked for a brand I fancied, I tried pitching for the business! How classy of me. Needless to say, we never kept in touch since.
Valentine to me is…the only reason why guys would even subject themselves to holding ugly big teddy bears in public.
Tracy Phillips, Founder & owner, Present Purpose
The worst pick up line I ever heard was… I saw you in a magazine; can I get to know you?
My worst date ever was… so dull my eyes had glazed over by the time the main course arrived. The lesson learned: first dates warrant drinks only.
Valentine to me is… insignificant but I won’t say no to chocolate.
Timothy Chia, Events & Marketing Manager, Zouk
The worst pick up line I ever heard was…the “hello” that was uttered by the random naked man who came up to me and my friends at a beach party in Scotland (read: freezing cold weather!). Needless to say, we quickly left the scene.
My worst date ever was…when I flew to a different country to meet this person I fancied at the time and found out at dinner that she had just gotten back with her ex on the same day I arrived. Thank goodness I was staying with a mate in that country!
Valentine to me is…a reason for the florists and chocolatiers to make big bucks. It’s okay to express your love on other days of the year too, not just on the Feb 14, people!