Easy Does It

In case you’re one of those clueless ones with no inkling of how to revamp, redecorate and rework on your own, just ring one of these talented maestros (read: interior designers) and help is on the way.
• Eddy Kuswandi of EJ Square Design Pte Ltd (417A River Valley Rd.,
6887-5240)—Kuswandi is fantastic with great space solutions, and offers fabulous décor and design materials.
• Adrian Chua of SEVENVINE Pte Ltd (69A Carlisle Rd., 6729-7219,
www.sevenvine.com)—Chua offers designs that are creative and practical all the same. For those into fuss-free designs.
• Adrian Heng of SpaceONE ID Consultancy (9686-0165)—Heng offers designs with contemporary feel, fusing excellent graphics and funky materials.
• George Budiman of Cynosure Design (#02-01, 7 Purvis St., 6342-1200, www.cynosuredesign.com)—Budiman is the perfect designer if you’re into quality design that is high-end and extravagant—think tai-tai with a touch of elegance.