Gay-themed books in Singapore

I Will Survive by Leow Yangfa
Nearly 300 pages worth of personal gay encounters and coming out stories that will not only move you, but jolt you out of your mundane existence.

The Invisible Manuscript by Alfian Sa’at
If you think his political commentaries were sharp, wait till you get a load of his poems. Sa’at reveals all with this set of quietly devastating paeans to transient gay love, culled from his current and previous relationships.

Scattered Vertebrae by Jerrold Yam
Yam’s “coming out poems” densely trace the uncertainties of a gay childhood and all its insecurities—the perfect place to start for the uninitiated.

Straws, Sticks, Bricks by Cyril Wong
Wong’s latest call to arms fl ow more like fractured narratives than they do poems, with brilliant observations of the true nature of desire.

Tender Delirium by Tania De Rozario
Funny and biting, Rozario’s matter-of-act recollections of past love and crushes will resonate with many Gen Y-ers.

All books are priced at $16 from Books Actually