The Puzzler

How do brainteasers and word play appeal to you? Why not crosswords or Sudoku?
I love words—and love playing with them even more. To this end, I pick mainly word puzzles or puzzles that contain elements of pun or “mental twist.” These puzzles serve as excellent catalysts for lateral and creative thinking. After all, I’m a creativity practitioner—not just a puzzle solver. I’m not a fan of crosswords or Sudoku, as they belong generally to the “left-brained” or logic genre.
Where do you get ideas for puzzles?
Just about everywhere. I get my ideas by observing everyday things and occurrences, reading books, daydreaming, and by studying the dictionary! Words invariably come alive for me when I read them.
Does your brain ever get tired from creating puzzles?
No way! On the contrary, my adrenaline often gets pumped up when I’m thinking about creating new puzzles.
What’s the longest time you’ve spent solving a puzzle?
Up to a week, I guess. Like all normal human beings, most of the time, I just give up and look up the answers.
Since you’re good with words, can you talk your way out of any situation?
I’d certainly love to think so. But my wife would probably beg to differ, as she always has the last word whenever we are engaged in “intense fellowship.”
Are you always pushing puzzles onto your friends?
Not anymore. Especially now when I realize I seem to have many more of my wacky creations than I have friends. Now I only push my original riddles on to unsuspecting strangers over the Internet.
What do word puzzles say about you? Are you a puzzle waiting to be solved?
Wacky, weird, crazy, ingenious, or simply WOW! Inside me, there are at least a million wacky ideas trying to burst forth and each one looking for its own victims!
What do you say to those who think puzzles are just for nerds?
“Grow up!” or “Get a life!” Just as there are as many types of books and movies for as many types of people, nerds or not, there are “nerdy” puzzles for nerds and there are fun puzzles for anyone who knows how to have fun.
Why solve word puzzles online when you can just surf the net?
Why bother to surf the net if you can’t have fun solving word puzzles online?
The pay-off of a word puzzle doesn’t seem particularly great—isn’t solving an entire crossword more satisfying?
Size does matter. But ONLY when it really matters. Try indulging in a good spread of buffet when all you have is a mere five minutes.