Rid of It

I want to rid myself of myopia—lasik, baby! Then, perhaps, these eyes can be opened as to how I can forever chuck my irrational fear of lizards.
—Loh Hsiao Ying, owner of fashion boutique Granny’s Day Out
I want to get myself a spanking new wardrobe in place of my boring old ones.
—Calvin Sio, Marketing Manager of Ministry of Sound
I will tell myself to throw my junk away (heartlessly) so I can work on having a nice clean home for my dog, my cat and myself!
—Jasmine Tuan, Senior Designer of Zouk
I wish only to throw out the old ideal of keeping reality beautiful. I’d rather keep it real.
—X’Ho, DJ and musician
I want to get rid of old habits like impatience and secondhand information.
—Justin Lee, artist