Akira Yeo swims with sharks

So, bought insurance?
As a staff of Underwater World Singapore, I am covered under the company’s insurance. I do have my personal insurance, too.
And what are the safety precautions to take note of?
I have to be properly geared with equipment such as chain mail gloves and wired gloves. When the breeding season approaches, the sharks tend to be rowdier and pushier. At these times, I have to be cautious with certain species of sharks.
What should people do if they get bitten by a shark?
Sharks rarely attack unless they are badly wounded or have been starved for several weeks. In any event, if a shark launches an attack, punch the eyes or the snout region as these actions will startle the shark to release its grip. Seek immediate medical attention.
We heard some sharks lay eggs. Is that true?
Yes, some species do lay eggs inside a pouch, otherwise known as mermaid’s purse. We have a shark embryo exhibit where different stages of shark development are displayed.
Which is your favorite shark movie?
Jaws! The Great White is a magnificent animal with awesome power and stealth. However, it was portrayed in a negative way. Great Whites don’t really have a liking for humans.
A burning question: Do you eat shark’s fin?
Yes, although I shouldn’t. All of us are subjected to “The Tragedy of the Commons.”