Master S.L. Lim

Have you tried improving your own luck before?
Yes. The first time I did that, my daughter got herself a good job. And we struck second prize in 4D. My best record is winning eight numbers in one draw. That was a very long time ago.
Eight numbers? So can you predict what numbers will come out for me?
I don’t predict. I believe if your luck is good, the number you buy will be the winning number.
OK. Will undergoing plastic surgery affect one’s luck?
Yes. Most people like to have nose jobs. The nose affects one’s health and wealth. Michael Jackson had a bad nose job and it got him into a lot of trouble!
We’re sure it was more than a nose job that got him into trouble, but who’s the most unusual client you’ve ever seen?
Once, when I was traveling in Malaysia, I met a person with no lines on her palms. Her palms were like blank pieces of paper. Not even a single line. She claimed it was because of the chemicals in the factories she worked in.
No lines? How did you read her palm then?
I didn’t. I only read her face. I even met a leprosy patient who insisted on me reading his face once.
And what are things people do to change their luck?
You can get luck in a lot of ways. Treat old people well, and you’ll get luck if they bless you. Be happy and light hearted and you’ll attract good luck. Some people, in an effort to give their babies luck, tried to give birth at the right time or at a place with good fengshui. They do this through induced birth or caesarian, or by flying to other countries. Sometimes heaven may not agree, and it doesn’t work out.