Handwriting expert William Pang

First, what are people’s reactions when they learn about your occupation?
They’ll say it is interesting, unique, niche and ask, “Can you really make a living?”
What are the things you can decipher by looking at someone’s handwriting?
You will gain insight into their hidden talents, skills and weaknesses. You can identify compatibility and know who’s being honest and who’s not.
And the most unusual reason given for handwriting analysis?
To find out if a person has violent inclinations and suicidal tendencies.
Ever examined a poison pen letter?
Yes, when I examined documents that were in dispute to find out the authentication of handwriting and signatures. Poison pen letters of a criminal nature can be relatively mild or be threatening, as in cases of jealousy or rivalry. In a more serious sense, they can be about extortion and kidnapping.
OK. Can you read my handwriting?
Sure. You’re personable and place importance in creating a good impression. You’re confident and have inner strength. You’re an agile minded individual who loves challenges and moving forward. At first sight, you appear friendly and easy-going, but despite your sociability, you have a slight tendency to inner ambivalence. Mood swings influence your behavior; however, as a rule, you’re able to find the right tone in dealing with others.