Tales of the Unerected

“I went over to a trusted good guy friend’s house for some work related coaching. We worked on it till late and he asked me to stay overnight and continue the coaching next day since we were both tired. After showering, I changed into his T-shirt and my own shorts. But my shorts were kind of tight and uncomfortable for sleeping; so he asked me to forgo the shorts since the t-shirt was long enough to cover up. But I think it sort of turned him on and he soon started touching me and eventually we had sex.” Female, 32

“Right after watching the Liverpool versus Singapore match [in July 2009], I spotted a girl who was waving at me from the other end of the stadium. I was using a pair of binoculars and she was too. We exchanged mobile numbers by flashing our fingers. Thirty seconds later I received a text from her asking to meet at the side of the stadium where she was sitting. Another 30 minutes later, we were having sex in one of the cubicles.” Male, 28
“I once asked the mother of my childhood nemesis if she’d like to do it with me. She declined, on account of the age gap. But then we were at a neighbor’s party and booze was flowing. The party lasted till the wee hours, and at around 3am she just took me by the hand, led me out to the front of my house and told me to do it with her; so I did! We went back inside, got on the sofa (mind you, my aunt and cousins were upstairs asleep) and went at it. She has been my MILF F*** Buddy ever since.” Male, 21