E for Effort

ECo Challenge
This fun iPhone app by local startup intraix and the South West Community Development Council (CDC) helps households monitor and reduce energy consumption while rewarding users for being energy efficient. A series of simple challenges, like setting the air-conditioner at 25 degrees Celsius, is updated weekly and points are earned when you complete a mini-game, or when your household successfully lowers energy consumption for the month.

One Cent Movement
You won’t feel so bad about splurging on goods online with the soon-to-be released Chrome plugin for this homegrown initiative, which rounds up your expenditure to the nearest dollar at checkout and donates the difference to charity. Submit your email address to be notified when the beta version is ready.

President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive
Annual charity campaign President’s Challenge has joined forces with local tech-social startup Start Now to launch this new web portal that collates volunteering opportunities from hundreds of non-profit and voluntary welfare organizations island-wide. How it works: Sign up and login via Facebook, register for and get notified of events that match your preferences. The user-friendly site also allows participants to form interest groups, post pictures and view their activity history.