Just 17

On the occasion of our 17th anniversary we sought the views of a random selection of the nation’s 17 year olds, for some honest and unvarnished insight into what we need to do to stay current and on trend as the city’s leading lifestyle magazine. The results were… mixed. Here’s what they had to say.i love u i-s magazine! i mean, i can never find u but i totally love u when i do (which i dont). like totes congrats. can’t believe ur 17 already. OMFG?!!!!?! just like me!!! r u totally horny all the time 2?I don’t get it. You wanna be edgy, right? Wanna be cool and independent? And yet there you go giving five stars to another swanky, wanky restaurant that only my parents and their loser friends would go to. Nice try, old man. Does I-S stand for I-Sold out?What’s with all these travel stories I-S? Isn’t there enough in Singapore to keep you busy? I mean, I was playing WoW the other day and found a completely undiscovered spot on my couch. Why aren’t you writing about that?So you want to stay ahead of the competition for another 17 years? You should totally let me be your editor!! I interned at Time Out for two whole weeks earlier this year (in fact I wrote all of their October issue which they totally promise me they’re going to publish any day now) so I really know my stuff. Ask me what the five hottest bubble tea spots in Singapore are right now and I can tell you in less than a minute. As long as I have wifi.Girls, man. More girls. More hot girls. You need to write more about more hot girls more. I’d totally buy your free magazine then.Sorry, “magazine”? What’s that? And what’s this “paper” thing? And this “pen”? Isn’t there an app for this?FML. Being 17 sucks, eh? You’re expected to do everything, but aren’t entitled to do anything. And what do we have to look forward to I-S? Me, military service and a parent-pleasing career. You, slow obsolence in a print-free world. My advice for this wearisome world? Get out while you still can. (I’m doing Bali with the folks at Christmas.)