Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Our resident Sexpert, Ms. Ho, who contributes a regular sex advice column in I-S Magazine and who has counseled many a troubled individual, couple, girl, boy, and everything in between, will be lending her well honed skills to the upcoming Sexpo in November where she will be giving a short lecture about Singapore’s rising divorce rate. Here is a sneak preview:Ladies, gentlemen, singles, couples, and deviants of every variety.Now, a hot swinging young thing like me would hardly be confined to any unrealistic institution, but even I appreciate the challenges of keeping things afresh after years of sharing the bed with the same person.Last year 6,909 divorces were filed—the highest divorce rate in Singapore ever. Interestingly enough, the numbers seem to show that remarriage is also still pretty popular, with 803 more registered marriages in 2005 than the year before. So, what these boring figures tell me is this: Marriage is fine, but things get a little stale after a while.One of the suggestions given by Lim Soon Hock, chief of the National Family Council, is for couples to set aside “quality time” to renew their relationships. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like the man’s suggesting that you guys need to get it on a whole lot more (yeah, baby!). And, even though Lim certainly sounds quite like the P. Diddy himself, allow me to add that you guys can’t just keep it to the missionary. And, no, doggy isn’t much of an improvement either.So, I’m here to do my part to keep marriages alive. Here are a few tips on what you guys can do differently in the sack:• Videotape yourself in an unrecognizable setting, blur out your faces and “accidentally” release the video onto the Internet. There’s nothing hotter than knowing you’re a porn star• Hit the midnight screenings of R21-rated films for a little inspiration, especially those with the words “Illicit,” “Naked,” “Obsession” or “Sanctum” in their title.• Set your alarm clock for 6am for some pre-work “playtime.”• Go for a change of scenery—the same old four walls get boring after a while. Book a hotel room, go on a cruise, swing in (or from) a cable car…• Use household objects as props: Scarves, feathers, fruit, masks, chairs, showers. Shopping at NTUC Fairprice will never be the same again!• Install a floor to ceiling pole in the bedroom, for those impromptu ”performances.”• Get a pet, and no, I’m not talking about the cat and dog variety (think bunny).• Play dress-up as your favorite superhero or politician, and let the costumes do the talking!Good luck!Your sexpert, Ms Ho.