Mr KIA Apr 8

What is up with all my friends? They always seem to be attending these gigs and concerts featuring bands I have never heard of! I feel so left out; I want my friends back. My social life is suffering! Every time they talk about these obscure bands and make references to them in our daily conversations, I just want to sink right into the ground and pretend I’m invisible. However, since I can’t change them, I guess I’ll join them. How can I brush up on ‘cool indie music’ so that my friends will start talking to me again? —Sad & Blue
Dear SB,
You mean you haven’t caught the indie music bug? What is up with you? Alright fine, I’m not here to jeer; I’m your aid. For your indie music fix, visit the mother of all essential guides to independent music: Pitchfork (www.pitchfork. com). When you’ve read a few reviews, hop on to Stereogum ( for some free and legal MP3 sample downloads; but no matter how ‘indie’ you are, if you like what you hear, support the artists by buying their music. Remember, if more than 10 people discover a song, it’s not ‘indie’ anymore so there’s no time to lose. Log on to these websites now and up your cool quotient with your new music knowledge.
I have really sensitive skin. While I am now getting treatment for it and it is getting better, I would still like to conceal the redness I have on my skin. I have a dinner with my boyfriend’s parents sometime next month and I would like to show my best self. My dermatologist tells me I have to use non-comodegenic products to prevent aggravation of my skin condition. Can you tell me which make-up brands are safe for me to use? – Sensitive Gal
Dear Sensitive Gal,
Worry not, I do have some solutions for you. Try out Japanese brand Ettusais, available at departmental stores like BHG and Metro. Their large range of products specially caters to sensitive and acne-prone skin. I’m not quite the makeup guru but I do know their Flat Design Liquid Foundation ($51) provides great coverage. If you’re also among the unlucky few bugged by greasy skin, their Medicated Acne Daytime Defense Powder EXTRA ($64) keeps the shine away. Otherwise, check out some mineral make-up brands like Bare Escentuals, available at Sephora. Your futurein- laws better appreciate your picture-perfect skin during next month’s dinner. But really, how about building up your confidence, going completely bare-faced and wowing them with your personality?