Sort out all your at-home needs with these food, booze and grocery delivery options

It’s getting increasingly arduous—and unnecessary even—to leave the house. The delivery landscape in Singapore has become so advanced, you’ll be able to throw a feast or party any night of the week with zero prep; just splash lots of cash. Here are the best ones.

Bettr Cloud Bar

, Sort out all your at-home needs with these food, booze and grocery delivery options

Forget coffee runs. For your daily caffeine fix, consider subscribing to the new Bettr Cloud Bar that’s a delivery-focused service perfect for fueling your coffee cravings. Launched by Bettr Coffee Co. (where you can get coffee beans and brewing equipment), the virtual coffee bar offers customised subscriptions to coffee delivery—from hot americanos to iced lattes and more.


, Sort out all your at-home needs with these food, booze and grocery delivery options

They have revolutionised our lives with its list of excellent restaurants and delivery within 40mins on most days. We appreciate the real-time updates too, plus the ability to order from multiple eateries in the same transaction thanks to Deliveroo Editions. But they didn’t stop there. Ensuring they are ahead of the game, they’ve also introduced no minimum spend requirements to certain delivery areas, plus the Food Market, where you can order from several different restaurants in the same transaction. 


Yep, our beloved duty free retailer is still around. Even though they are no longer selling booze at the airport, find them online offering great deals on spirits, wines, beers and more. It may not be duty free rates anymore, but the prices on offer are still just as good. Plus, you get free local delivery for orders only $150 or more, so it’s easy to reach the minimum spend. Check back often to see what deals they have up currently.


, Sort out all your at-home needs with these food, booze and grocery delivery options

With the arrival of big-name competitors, Foodpanda also stepped up its game, expanding its fleet, promising to deliver in 30mins (usually) and creating new partnerships with more restaurants. They even have a small selection of places open 24 hours a day. Their self pick-up option, plus new Pandamart function means they are now more than a food delivery service as well, being able to cater to your grocery needs too. 


Spirits, mixers, bottled cocktails and alcohol gift hampers, they’ve got ’em all. It’s nice that they carry a range of both big and small labels in their inventory, so you can purchase your regular supplies and discover new products at the same time.


, Sort out all your at-home needs with these food, booze and grocery delivery options

Linked to your existing Grab account so you can easily order without downloading a new app, and then use GrabPay to foot the bill, GrabFood arrived in a massive blitz that shook up the playing field. More choices is always a good thing, we say. And with islandwide delivery and GrabKitchens now increasingly commonplace, plus Grab’s suite of services all available in one super app, we’d dare say these guys are dominating right now.


To receive generous boxes of fresh produce, opt for Greenies, a new consumer platform by farm-to-table supplier Glife. Not only does Greenies deliver an assortment of fruits and vegetables that are pre-washed and cut, they also carry plenty of healthy ingredients such as brown rice, tofu and eggs. Best of all, it’s free delivery for local orders above $39.

The Proof Flat

This gorgeous retail shop stocks everything you need to have a world-class bar at home—with an e-commerce option that delivers top-shelf mezcals, tequilas, absinthes, gins, vermouths and more. Need bar equipment? They’ve got that covered too. 


With their own storehouse, this online hypermart offers not just fresh fruit, veggies, meats and breads, but also beauty products, booze and even home appliances. The site delivers daily from 10am-10pm (usually next-day), providing all of us just that bit more of a convenience.

Ryan’s Grocery

Specialising in organic and free-range cuts, this online butcher also carries marinated meats like organic beef roast with herbs, chili and garlic, perfect for those who are pulling together a last-minute dinner party. Founded in order to cater to individuals with unique dietary requirements, feel free to get plenty of gluten-free options, dairy alternatives and plant-based eats too.


, Sort out all your at-home needs with these food, booze and grocery delivery options

Shopping for sake has never been easier. Whether or not you know your daiginjos from your honjozos, Sakechan is here to help. Browse by price, brewery or type, or just let them help you along by offering sakes by their flavour profiles. Free delivery for purchases above $150.

Shopee Supermarket

If you’ve always relied on Shopee for your fashion hauls and electronic goods, you’ll be delighted to know that the e-commerce platform now offers tons of groceries over at its online grocery store Shopee Supermarket. Purchase everything from milk powder to hangers; pet food and luxurious beauty creams are also in the mix. 

Temple Cellars

Your one-stop-shop for all your alcohol needs, find one of the most comprehensive selection of craft spirits, wines, beers and even mead in Singapore. It’s one of the best stockists for local brands like Off Day Beer, Compendium and Lion City Meadery, plus limited cult offerings too, from time to time. Delivery is free from just $49 (yes, you read that right), so what are you waiting for?