Take a behind-the-scenes peek at world-leading shrimp aquaculture technology, then sit down for a meal featuring their freshly harvested shrimps

What easily comes to mind when we think of Kranji are images of idyllic countryside farms, an expanse of green and marshes, and well, probably more farms. Fully embracing that sentiment, Blue Aqua is debuting an all-new educational tour with their Shrimp Farm Tour and Tasting.



The day of adventure starts with a guided farmer’s tour of Blue Aqua’s super-intensive shrimp farm and hatchery, where you’ll be walked through the entire inner workings of the farm’s operations.

Here, you’ll also get to go hands-on with feeding and harvesting of the shrimps. Then sit for a 3-course shrimp tasting session before you leave, digging into delicious recipes featuring fresh shrimps harvested directly from the farm.



Blue Aqua utilises a patented farming system to maintain an energy-efficient, zero-waste, zero-water system that is capable of producing multi-species products sustainably. Given its impressive green footprint, it’s no surprise that their farm tour and tasting comes as part of Singapore's 30 by 30 initiative to work towards building our nation’s capability and capacity to produce 30% of our nutritional needs locally and sustainably within the need decade.


Blue Aqua’s shrimp farm cultivates white shrimps and tiger shrimps, making fresh island-wide deliveries to restaurants and major supermarkets like FairPrice Finest daily.


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