An urban farm, Papa Palheta’s new cafe and no Challenger when Funan reopens

The Funan we knew three years ago (remember when it was called The DigitaLife Mall?) and the Funan we’re about to get will be so different, we’re not even sure they should be keeping the name.

Come June 28, the fully-revamped mall will welcome its first guests, with more than 180 brands—both old and new—ready to impress, entertain and feed you. While the retail and office spaces will open then, coliving serviced residence lyf will only open this year-end.

Some of the mall highlights include Wild Rice’s very own theatre and studio premises, UK foldable bike brand Brompton Junction, high-tech food court KOPItech (you can make your orders via Facebook Messenger), a rooftop urban farm and adjacent farm-to-table Japanese restaurant Noka, an indoor cycling path, a Golden Village cinema and lots more.

Then there’s the mall’s centrepiece, something Funan calls the Tree of Life, essentially a 25m-high structure housing 20 pop-up store pods. Expect shops like Carrie K. and Audio-Technica to operate a pod on opening day, and even a live filming studio by On the exterior of the Tree of Life too is Climb Central, an indoor bouldering facility extending over three floors.

, An urban farm, Papa Palheta’s new cafe and no Challenger when Funan reopens

We’re also excited about homegrown brands like Papa Palheta and Sinpopo Brand opening their new concepts. The former is opening PPP Cafe, that’s apparently Singapore’s first employee-owned cafe, while the latter is opening Sinpopo Coffee, likely a cafe offshoot of their restaurant in Joo Chiat. Designer home decor store Grafunkt is debuting its first bistro at Funan too.

Also look out for two Volkswagen Kombi vans on level 2, where famed Taiwan bubble tea chain Milksha and The Travelling C.O.W will be operating out of.

And what will Funan be without stores actually selling tech products? While the entire top floor that was once Challenger is no more, expect Funan to house brands like a Lenovo flagship store, GamePro Shop, Best Denki and Courts to satisfy your tech retailing needs.

Funan opens Jun 28 at 109 North Bridge Rd.