Hotel 81, five/6 Hotel Splendour among newly confirmed hotels now open for staycations

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has been busy approving hotels here to reopen for local stays every day, and the list has now grown tremendously. It was announced earlier this month that hotels can apply to reopen for staycations, and be allowed to should they meet inspection standards.

It was the luxury hotels and high-end resort properties that were first given the green light the past weeks. But as of Jul 17, the list of hotels given the thumbs up to accept staycationers now include budget establishments like Hotel 81 Sakura and Hotel 81 Tristar in Joo Chiat, as well as five/6 Hotel Splendour and Min Wah Hotel in Geylang, among many others.

Compared to the update just a few days ago (on Jul 15), these hotels are now the most affordable ones if you’re planning on doing a local stay. The experience will be completely different, of course. But whatever you’re looking for in a staycation, these are now your wallet-friendly options.

However, we do recommend giving all the hotels in the approved list a look, as most have launched super attractive staycation deals in hopes to bring in at least some business for their rooms.

The aforementiond approved list of hotels by the STB seems to be updated pretty regularly as well, so do check it often for the latest developments.