Bringing their aesthetic cans of delicious parfait to our bustling city so we may also enjoy our desserts on the go!

Bringing a piece of Japan’s exquisite offerings to Singapore, the sensational Okashi Gaku finally arrives on our shores.

The internationally renowned cake in a can took us by storm as dessert-lovers everywhere fell in love with their first-of-its-kind confectionery.



Bringing their vision of allowing us to have cake anytime, anywhere to Singapore, we can now conveniently find them at a vending machine in Suntec City. The fuss-free solution is not only aesthetic, it’s also consumer-friendly, allowing us to use almost every form of digital payment system to indulge in a quick dessert.

Okashi Gaku’s adorable cakes come in two types of cans – the Shortcake Cans and Fuwa Cans – as well as an accompanying Egg Pudding dessert.



Making its debut in Singapore on Sep 16 with 3 Singapore-exclusive flavours, crack a cold can of charming shortcake parfait and dig into layers of fluffy chiffon cake with whipped cream churned from whole fresh milk and halved strawberries from Hokkaido. Within each Shortcake Can, you’ll also find fresh strawberry chunks and delicate layers of purée for that irresistible juicy sweetness. Fuwa Cans borrow their name from the Japanese word for “fluffy”, presenting layers of chiffon cake with cream, fruit jelly, fruit purée, and fruit jam.

On top of their signature Strawberry and Mango & Passionfruit flavours, find the Singapore-exclusive Matcha, Mango & Chocolate, and Tiramisu cans.


Then wash it down with their light and sweet Egg Pudding Cans, rich in flavour from milk, egg, sugar, fresh cream, vanilla beans, and vanilla paste.


Find out more about Okashi Gaku and their exquisite treats on their website here.