Singapore’s dining woes, potent punchbowls and the best of Alexandra

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and our new issue is ready and waiting to help you navigate the recovery (or withdrawal) days that come afterwards. 
For example, foodies will love (or maybe hate) our serious piece “What’s wrong with local dining?” where we talk to chefs about what’s holding them back.
On a lighter note, we have the lowdown on what to do in Alexandra and what to buy in Tiong Bahru. (Much) further away, we also have a bike and beer-filled destination guide to Taipei 
If all that sounds like too much walking about and adventure, then stay indoors and share one of these great punchbowls with your friends.
Finally, check out our interview with local musician Aya Sekine, who explains why we need to grow our local music scene with global music influences.
Our front cover this fortnight was shot by Singapore-based photographer Lavender Chang, who explored a block of one-room HDB flats and captured their spare, sparse interiors.
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