Navigating the new phases and restrictions with you

As the dust continues to settle, the fact remains that come tomorrow (Jul 22), Singapore would effectively be in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) once again.

And in such a devastating turn of events, feelings of anger, resentment and displeasure may bubble. After all, this is the second time Singapore has had to return to Phase 2 and the third time we will be enduring a prohibition on dining in.

Like you, we can’t help but feel frustrated and disappointed. But there is only so much finger pointing we can do. Here at SG Magazine, we want nothing more than to stay the course and safely navigate the new phases and restrictions with you.

So although we’ve said it once, we would like to say it again:

The pandemic may have brought out the worst in people, but it has also brought out the best. We witness selfless acts of kindness, campaigns that show support for healthcare workers and affected businesses, even folks eager to pass out free masks, food and sanitisers for all who require; the list goes on.

On our part, SG Magazine is here to spread a message of positivity and aid all who are affected. We are nothing if not a platform—a campfire for all to gather and share stories.

Hopefully through that, we’ll all feel more connected, more aware of each others’ sufferings, as well as grit during this time when many of us might feel alone and in despair.

We also want to hear from you: tell us what initiatives, brands, businesses and individuals you think we should be supporting. List them in the comments section, or feel free to email us at [email protected].

Hang in there, friends. You already know the famous adage: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The SG Magazine team