Freddy Wee, hypnotherapist

People go to him to be hypnotized and cease smoking, nail biting, to lose weight and even to stop bed wetting.
Can people hypnotize themselves?
Hypnosis is a very natural process which everyone goes through everyday. It’s hypnosis if you’re watching TV and get so absorbed that you don’t notice someone calling your name. You are in a heightened state of relaxation and concentration. As long as you function on a subconscious level, you’re in hypnosis.
Do people lose control of themselves during hypnosis?
No way. No one has ever given me their ATM password!
Is it possible to hypnotize animals?
Animals? Yes, if they can concentrate. If your dog is very active, and you don’t want it to chew the furniture while you’re out, you can hypnotize it and make it sleep till you come back. But if you have no good reason to do it, don’t do it.
People come to you to stop smoking. Can you make a non-smoker pick up smoking?
Ethically, we don’t do that. We try to help people, such as by removing their fears or stage fright. If necessary, we get our clients to regress to a younger age and find out the actual cause of the problem is.
Let’s talk about props. Do hypnotherapists still use the pendulum?
The pendulum is an ancient tool that was used to induce people into hypnosis. Now we use more advanced technologies; the idea is to concentrate. All practices upgrade and use better techniques with time.