Opening this Friday, June 28

A brand spanking new Funan opens this Friday (Jun 28), and while we already know about many of the cool things coming our way, we suspect it’s the new cinema that’ll be one of the main highlights when their doors swing open.

The new GV Funan is pretty amazing, offering two new seating concepts, virtual reality pods, and cafe dining for all moviegoers. Firstly, perhaps taking a cue from how airlines are offering all sorts of bells and whistles with their various seating options, comes the new Deluxe Plus hall.

GV Funan

It’s like a premium economy option (but better), where you get spacious leatherette seats, lumbar cushion support, the ability to semi-recline your chair, and even USB charging ports—just make sure your devices are still switched to silent; and you may want to tone down that brightness level too.

Another new hall type is the Gold Class Express, a more affordable version of the standard Gold Class experience you get at other GV cinemas. You still get a fully reclinable plush leatherette seat with an attached table, but without the private lounge access, and instead of a call button to make your food and drink orders, you can do it through their revamped iGV mobile app instead.

Gold Class Express

That’s not all. If you find yourself with time to burn before a show, check out their virtual reality pods. You can play VR games like Beat Saber and Spider-Man: Homecoming, or just watch cinematic content like Cirque du Soleil in VR. It’s pay-per-use, costing $8 (Mon-Thu) or $12 (Fri-Sun) for a 15min sesh.

Beyond that, there are two Gemini halls, a favourite for couples, also available at GV Funan. Plus, get better food and drink other than popcorn at their Grab & Gold Cafe. There’s no better place to be catching the upcoming Spider-Man: Far from Home.

GV Funan opens Jun 28.