The world’s first “Xtra Pure” brandy was conceived right here in Singapore

You might be familiar with XO (extra old), VS (very special) and VSOP (very superior old pale), but now there’s a new grade of brandy to take note of—XP. Launched on Aug 31, Five XP is the world’s first “extra pure” brandy and it was conceived in Singapore by a group of five partners led by Richfield Brands & Services managing director Alan Wong.

Made from Riesling grapes in Germany, and weighing in at 38% alcohol by volume, Five XP is a spirit that defies classification—it’s more broadly a digestif and more precisely a brandy with sweetness that would appeal to rum drinkers. To produce it, Riesling wine undergoes vacuum distillation at a low temperature of 28°C to preserve purity and flavor. The distillate then spends six years in oak barrels before it’s bottled. Five XP is best served neat at room temperature in a white wine glass—no mixers or ice folks.

Just 10,000 bottles of Five XP’s first batch are available worldwide, so act now if you plan on adding it to your liquor cabinet. The 500ml bottles retail for $300 each. To get yours, send an email to [email protected] or call 6764-9463.