Call of Nature

(Top Row, Left to Right)
Entitled the Orange Slice Chair, this is a must for those die-hard citrus fans who want to bring their love for Vitamin C to another stylish level. $4,590 from Mod.Living.
Tree-huggers can now bring their work home in the form of this lamp. Not sure how easy it would be to commune with it though. $903 from Haier Living Styling Haus.
Deforestation getting too much for you? Get this stand to fill that big hole in your environmentalist heart.
$599-969 from STYLE:NORDIC.
Think back to nature, The Blair Witch Project-style—this lamp will have you reeling in delight. $2,630 from Mod.Living.
(Middle Row, Left to Right)
Irritating pigeon feeders can now do it in their own homes. Bird feed not included. $650 from Air.
This mollusk-inspired fan is testament that being a slimy-slug-ologist has never been cooler. $700-1,000 from X·TRA RESORT.
Safari maniacs will dig this metal elephantine tusked lamp immediately. $4,770 from Mod.Living.
Certainly One for the botanists. Who needs to live in a tree when you have this? $4,695 from STYLE:NORDIC.
(Last Row, Left to Right)
The tulip range is one where floral-empowered hippies can rest their organic posteriors and think up their next big plan to save Mother Nature. Chair, $7,200, Ottoman $2,320 from Mod.Living.
For those who dig nature’s out-of-this world side, this hardcore chair from Moroso’s Fairytale Collection is just for you. $10,200 from Mod.Living.
Those more interested in the consciousness-altering properties of the natural world should try out this psychedelic tree which would have made Austin Powers proud. $1,200 from Haier Living Styling Haus.

Address Book
Air, #01-18 Park Mall, 9 Penang Rd., 6352-7307.
Haier Living Styling Haus, 105 Amoy St., 6441-3345.
Mod.Living, #02-01/08 Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Rd., 6336-2286.
STYLE:NORDIC, 39 Ann Siang Rd., 6423-9114.
X·TRA RESORT, #02-01 Park Mall, 9 Penang Rd., 6339-4664.