Maximum Impact

For storage solutions that work, we have the good people from IKEA to dispense us some handy tips on how to maximize storage:
• Use boxes to hide clutter and add color.
• Stash unused stuff under your bed.
• Be creative and stretch the mileage of your storage items—a laundry bag can store kids’ toys, while jars can store miscellaneous items.
• Use bookends for your CDs and DVDs.
• Utilize wall space—attach shelves on them.
• Get add-on extension units for more storage space above your shelves
• Get a customized wardrobe that’s tailor- made for the amount of space you want and need.
• Get furniture with dual functions— such as a bench with storage under the seat.
• Use shelf inserts inside drawers.
• Get stackable or foldable furniture so you save on space.
• Lastly, label your storage boxes.