Interview: Soren Kokholm from Bang & Olufsen

How can you improve sound quality at home without purchasing new gadgets?
If you are playing your digital music on your phone or laptop, make sure that the audio file is ripped in the highest quality. Carpets, curtains and soft wall coverings absorbs sounds so it doesn’t bounce off the walls

What about setting up a home-theater system?
The best option is to get a professional set it up for you since there are a lot to consider, like the size of the space. But if you’re doing it on your own, take note that speakers should be at ear level, or playing towards ear level. Subwoofers should preferably be location in the front of the area. The quality of the center speaker is very important as it plays all the vocals and speech.

Does size matter?
Yes, bigger speakers are typically better than a smaller one, because of the size of the cabinet and the speaker drivers. A bigger interior space also requires a more powerful sound system, like a bigger car needs a more powerful engine. It’s physics, really.