Tech Review: BlackBerry Torch


  • With the new BlackBerry 6 OS, the Torch boasts a slicker home interface as well as offering an intuitive touchscreen interface.
  • For BB old-schoolers who aren’t used to the touchscreen (its 2011 people!), there’s the handy trackpad with which you can control most of the stuff on-screen.
  • Call quality (using SingTel) is generally good, with clear audio and minimal background noise. Data speeds are pretty decent too (about 30 seconds to load
  • The new and improved browser allows for better HTML and JavaScript rendering, and partial support for HTML5 and CSS3. These additions greatly improve the speed and performance of the browser.
  • As you’d expect with a BlackBerry, the Torch is an excellent email device. And syncing your corporate emails is a breeze. But you do need a BB contract to take advantage of this.
  • For the social networking addict, the Torch comes with direct uploads to YouTube, as well as pre-installed Facebook and Twitter applications. Of course you want a decent camera and, by and large, the Torch’s five-megapixel shooter delivers.
  • The new Social Feeds app packed into the Torch is a useful tool as it aggregates updates from your favorite social network sites. It also acts as an RSS feed aggregator.


  • The touchscreen-keyboard combo adds a bit of heft to the Torch (about 162 grams total). Definitely heavier than most if you want to stuff it into your suit pants.
  • Its low-res 480 x360 screen display is something of a deal breaker. Compared to higher definition stuff we’ve seen on the iPhone, Milestone and Xperia Arc, texting and web browsing on this stunner is akin to surfing on your old CRT monitor.
  • Shoots only VGA video.
  • No flash support for web browsing.

If you’re a business type, the Torch will suit your needs. Although RIM says that it’s the most advanced BlackBerry yet, it is not a better BlackBerry. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, there are plenty of options out there.
$598 with two year contract from SingTel.