Top Gadgets of 2007

So, brace yourselves, folks! Because here are the top tech toys that you’re going to absolutely, positively need to get your hands on in 2007.
WHAT IS IT: Have you been living in a sensory depravation tank for the past couple of years? Because that’s the only excuse you’ll have for not knowing what the PS3 is all about. This eagerly anticipated console finally comes to our shores, bringing with it an ever-growing library of hot games, as well as cool functions like doubling up as a Blu-ray player.
IS IT OUT YET: You bet. You can pick one up for $799 at Family Con (#04-03 Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Rd., 6733-2595).
WHAT IS IT: If you think the PS3’s going to be the only console worth clamoring over this year, think again. Already earning itself quite a following in the US, the Wii’s (pronounced “wee”) coolest feature is its infrared- and accelerometer-enabled controller that allows users to control the game via physical gestures, as well as traditional buttons.
IS IT OUT YET: Nope, but keep an eye out. Its release details are set to be announced very, very soon.
WHAT IS IT: Apple’s iPhone’s at least a year away, but the Prada Phone by LG—the world’s first touchscreen phone—will be here a whole lot sooner. Seductively sexy and sleek, the phone has to be one of the best looking on the market, and with an interface that’s up to par with what users have come to expect from LG, expect this one to be flying off the shelves.
IS IT OUT YET: It’s scheduled to be released in late-Mar/early-April and will be available at The Prada Store (#02-46 Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd., 6735-5026). No price details have been confirmed yet.
WHAT IS IT: The Zune may have been met with lukewarm reception in the US, but that hasn’t dampened the anticipation of Singaporean music lovers to give this baby—and its Wi-Fi enabled ability to share songs with other Zune users–try.
IS IT OUT YET: No word yet on when it is going to be out.