Interview with DJ Tim Healey

Ahead of his set on our shores, Patrick Benjamin catches up with the Don Corleone of electro-house and head honcho of indie dance label Surfer Rosa.

Mr KIA Jul 22

Dear Mr. KIA,
I am 28 years old and have early onset balding. The only hair I have left is two tiny tufts behind my ears. I look about 40 and with this shiny head there is no way I am ever getting laid. What should I do? —Hairless Harry

Movie Magic

The controversial decision to spend $12m buying three full-sized dinosaur skeletons. The ripping up of miles of metalwork along the old railway line. Coincidence? It’s time to reveal the big secret to the world: Jurassic Park is coming, folks!


It’s hard not to like Old School—the bustle of Timbre, the indie-cred of Sinema, the hipster ad agency vibe. And of course, that wonderful setting: the open lawn, the cavernous interior of the school building itself, the fact that, in this too-often cramped city, it’s perched atop a hill. All of this combines to make […]

Interview with Warpaint

Patrick Benjamin catches up with Warpaint’s bassist Jenny Lee Lidberg before the band’s second gig in a year here.

Pastry Extraordinaire, Chef Pang Kok Keong

Jalean Wong sat down with the pastry wizard, family man and restaurateur of recently launched eateries Antoinette and Pique Nique to find out more about his dream car, ear piercings and annoying cab drivers.

Wine BOS Katong

Buzz: One outlet is no longer enough for old vino favorite Wine BOS. Joining the ever burgeoning Katong nightlife scene, the Wine BOS spirit of “drinkable wines at affordable prices” finds its home in Katong Village (once the site of Joo Chiat Police Station). Patrons can expect the best of the original Jalan Klapa location […]